Nokia - FUD'ing their developers and killing the N9

Who believed that Nokia would release a decent MeeGo based phone right after they announced their deal with Microsoft and started FUD'ing their developer community? I certainly wasn't expecting this. Although the N9 looks pretty good, with both - hard- and software, and the Swipe interface seems to be compelling, Nokia didn't stop FUD'ing. Stephen Elop himself announced that there will be no second MeeGo based phone from Nokia.

This is an entirely new marketing technique to me. I always thought it would be very harmful to a plattform to announce its death before even one phone was delived to a customer. Why should any developer bother even looking at the N9 - even if she or he already is a MeeGo developer? At the moment it is really hard to understand the intentions of Nokia and why to bear their indecisiveness.