1. Splash Screen on Android

    Splash Screens are not exactly common (or really wanted) on Android. But occasionally there are customers that want that kind of thing. When I took a look around, I found a lot of solutions with different approaches. One of the more sophisticated ones used a thread to count the remaining ...

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  2. How to json serialize form errors

    This is really ugly and you will absolutely need it if you'd like to json serialize form errors in Django. Why? Because you'd like to reply to an AJAX request and just pass trough the errors your form has generated.

    simplejson itself is not able to serialize the ...

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  3. RAM-alarm-adingdong / How to memtest on a Mac

    Update: This blog post is so absolutely outdated, that you shouldn't waste your time to read it. Just grab your newest Linux distro, feed your Mac with it and you will (in most of the cases) get a memtest option.

    If your Mac occasionally starts crashing with nice kernel ...

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  4. No more gksu?

    At least in OpenSuse gksu seems to be no more. After hitting a few pages and looking around I think some of you know the problem. I needed to execute a program with root privileges in gnome. No big deal if you can just fire up a console. But I ...

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